General Info

John Battisti
Zoning Officer
(732) 244-7400 ext. 1254

All Land Use Ordinances can be found online at:

Chapter 35 of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Berkeley

The following Ordinance and Zoning Map were adopted September 27, 2011 and will be effective 20 days after publication in the newspaper

An Ordinance Amending Chapter 35 Entitled "Land Development" Consistent With The 2008 Master Plan Land Use And Circulation Elements

Adopted Zoning Map

Zoning Permits and Procedures

When required:

Application shall first be made to the Zoning Officer for issuance of a zoning permit by any person wishing to undertake any of the following:

  1. Subdivision of land.
  2. Construct a new building or structure.
  3. Add to or structurally alter any existing building.
  4. Change the use on any land or within any building or structure.
  5. Any expansion of the total number of employees, number of employees in any shift or the number of vehicles to be stored or parked on the site exceeding fifteen (15%) percent of the amount existing at the time of passage of this chapter or as set forth at the time of a previous site plan approval.
  6. Construct, add to or alter any parking area, signs, lighting, drainage facility or any other site improvement above and/or below ground level.
  7. Alter the existing condition of any parcel of land.

Click here for the Application for a Zoning Permit and instructions.