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Press Releases


Mayor Amato would like residents to be informed about police activity in Berkeley Township. This weeks police blotter can be found here....
  • POLICE BLOTTER - to November 18, 2014.
    Of Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr.



    Earlier this year, Berkeley Township was the sixth township to have a prescription box to provide the proper disposal of unused, unwanted and expired medications.

    I am urging Berkeley residents to clean out their medicine cabinets and safely dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications at our drop-off box located at our the Berkeley Township Police Department, 631 Pinewald-Keswick Road, next to our Municipal Building.

    For the last few years, our Township has participated in "Project Medicine Drop" were we collected unused, unwanted and expired medications at a convenient drop off location twice a year. Now we have a prescription drug drop box installed at our police station which will allow our citizens to dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications safely and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For additional information you can call the Ocean County Board of Health at: 732-341-9700, ext. 7224


    I also would like to remind residents that it's time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Its very important that residents change these detector batteries every 6 months. As an added incentive this year, Berkeley Township will be offering, free of charge, a limited amount of of 9-volt and Double A (AA) batteries to township residents. They will be available on a first come first serve basis, while supplies last.

    Residents are limited to two 9 volt and/or six Double A (AA) batteries per household. Residents will be required to fill out a form. Batteries are available to residents and can be picked up at the Fire Prevention Bureau offices located on the second floor of Town Hall between the hours of 10am and 3pm Monday through Friday - while supplies last. The Batteries were purchased with monies received by the township for fines assessed to violators. For additional information residents can call the Fire Prevention offices at: 732-244-7400 ext: 235.

    On behalf of the Township Council, we wish to extend to you and your families a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ...Printable Version


    11-20-14 MAYOR AMATO AND CHIEF DIMICHELE WOULD LIKE RESIDENTS HELP IN PROTECTING YOUR OWN HOME AGAINST BURGLARIES - Our police department puts much time and effort into prevention, and education, as well as the arrest and prosecution of the individuals who commit this type of crime; we realize we can never do enough.

    We would like to remind residents that there are several ways that you can help yourselves possibly prevent becoming a victim of a burglary; and several ways you can assist the police if you witness something that may be a burglary or simply see a suspicious incident.

    First things first - every resident should assess their property and attempt to "harden the target" What this means is to walk your perimeter and look at areas that make you vulnerable. Do you have a landscaping rock securing the tarp on your air conditioner? Is your ladder secured on the side of your residence with easy access? How about your shrubbery? Is it trimmed and well kept in a manner that would not offer cover for someone trying to hide? Is your property illuminated at night? Do you have motion activated lights?

    Once your assessments on the perimeter are complete, move to the inside of your residence and do the same thing room by room. Again, look at this through the eyes of a burglar. If you own a firearm, is it locked and stored in a safe location? Where do you store your valuable jewelry? Do you have easy access to large amounts of cash which can be found? Do you have photographs of your valuable property? We strongly recommend that you do take photographs to help the police for recovery effort in the unlikely event you are a victim of a burglary.

    What you can do to help if you realize you have become a victim of a burglary? First and foremost exit your house and go to a safe location, whether it be your vehicle or a neighbor's house, make sure you're safe and then immediately contact the police. Do not touch anything in your house; the police officer who arrives at the scene will assist you in determining your loss at the proper time.

    You should supply the officer with the most accurate information that you have to help assist in the investigation. You can also assist the police by reporting suspicious can and people who you may observe in and around your neighborhood. Make no mistake - every reported burglary happens by either person(s) arriving in a vehicle or on foot. Most arrested burglars will tell you they were seen by many residents. If you see someone suspicious, NEVER confront them - leave that to the police. What you can do is become a great witness. Try to get a very good description of their physical characteristics, the clothes they are wearing, what they are carrying and direction of travel. If they are in a vehicle, supply as much information as you can about it: license plate, two door four door, color, number of occupants, any identifying stickers or permits on the windows. You can never provide too many details!

    Lastly, please don't become confused with who to call and when to call. If you think you observe a crime in progress call 911 immediately. During an emergency every second counts. We have encountered some confusion with our tip line. ...Printable Version

    RFP - Hearing Officer

    Pursuant to the provisions of the resolution, this letter shall serve as a “Request for Proposals” to all interested persons. The governing body intends to award contracts for the service of HEARING OFFICER prior to February 15, 2015. All Proposals must be submitted to Gerd Trommer, Berkeley Purchasing Agent, at Berkeley Township Purchasing Department, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, P. O. Box B, Bayville, New Jersey, 08721, sealed proposals must be submitted to the Township Purchasing Agent on or before December 2, 2014, at or before 2:00 p.m. ...More-RFP Notice & RFP Package

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    Report a Pothole

    05-01-14 Mayor Amato would like residents to report any potholes by using the form below. Due to the harsh winter season we experienced this year we realize that it has created numerous potholes throughout the Townships 271 miles of Roads. The Public Works Deparment is asking your help to let us know where these trouble spots are.

    Click here to report the pothole location

    Fair School Funding Presentation

    Mayor Amato would like all of residents to be aware of the initiative to push for a fair school funding act. Senator Doherty held a Town Hall meeting at Berkeley Township Elementary School on Tuesday October 21st disussing Fair school funding for those who missed the presentation Click here....

    The last page of this presentation is the amount of school aid Ocean County Districts would receive if the act was implemented. Ocean County, especially our community of Berkeley Township, would greatly benefit by this legislation.

    Berkeley Township Resolution Supporting Fair School Funding

    Property Tax Relief Programs

    Mayor Amato would like to make residents aware of several property tax relief programs that are available:
  • Annual Property Tax Deduction for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons: Annual deduction of up to $250 from property taxes for homeowners age 65 or older or disabled who meet certain income and residency requirements. This benefit is administered by our Tax Assessor's Office. Click Here for the Claim Form)
  • Annual Deduction for Veterans:Annual deduction of up to $250 from taxes due on the real or personal property of qualified war veterans and their unmarried surviving spouses/surviving civil union partners/surviving domestic partners. This benefit is administered by our Tax Assessor's Office. Click Here for the Claim Form)
  • Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans: Full exemption from property taxes on a principal residence for certain totally and permanently disabled war veterans and their unmarried surviving spouses/surviving civil union partners/surviving domestic partners. Unmarried surviving spouses/surviving civil union partners/surviving domestic partners of servicepersons who died on wartime active duty may also qualify. This benefit is administered by our Tax Assessor's Office.
  • Property Tax Homestead Benefit Program Click Here for more information
  • Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) Program Click Here for more information

    09-19-14 Mayor Amato would like residents to know that the Gap Funding Initiative (GFI) has revised its program guidelines. All applications received on or after Monday, August 11, 2014 will be processed under the revised program guidelines outlined on the link to the website below. To be considered under the revised program guidelines, please apply to GFI using the revised GFI application available here……
  • Click here for the application and more information
  • OEM Special Needs data Sheet

    The Berkeley Township Office of Emergency Management wants to better serve the residents of Berkeley Township. Please fill out this Emergency Data form so that we are better prepared to assist you in your time of need. Click here for the Special Needs data Sheet

    JCP&L Meter Configurations

    08-25-14 Mayor Amato would like residents to be aware that JCP&L has updated their Electric Meter Configuration Guidelines. Click Here for the Printable Version of the guidelines

  • Click here for the Meter Deck Detail for Overhead Services
  • Click here for the Meter Deck Detail for Underground Services
  • NJDOT Route 35 News

    04-02-14 Christie Administration highlights progress in reconstruction of Sandy-damaged Route 35 on Barnegat Peninsula Complete Streets proposals for bicyclists and pedestrians detailed
  • .....More
  • .....Route 35 Bike Route Plans
  • FEMA Preliminary FIRM Maps

    04-02-14 Mayor Amato would like residents to know that FEMA has released the Preliminary FIRM Maps. Shortly after the issuance of the preliminary FIRMs, FEMA and its partners will host Resilience Meetings .....MORE

  • Click Here for FIRM Mapping page
  • Mayor Amato Announces
    Emergency Notification System

    Mayor Amato has introduced an emergency notification system to alert residents and inform them in emergency situations. Click here to Sign-up

    Planning Board TDR and Real Estate Market Analysis All the REMA and TDR information is posted on our Planning Board Page ..Click here to take you to the page

    FEMA & Sandy Disaster Information
  • Information regarding the National Flood Insurance Program

  • FEMA Website
  • Information regarding the National Flood Insurance Program

    Registered w/FEMA-STAY In Touch

    Mayor Amato urges residents who registered with FEMA by the May 1st deadline to keep their FEMA ID numbers and stay in touch with FEMA. Disaster assistance may be available for LOSSES NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. Survivors should get in touch with FEMA as soon as they receive their insurance settlement. Be sure to have the registration number FEMA assigned to your application at hand. Survivors who registered for disaster assistance before the May 1 deadline may check the status of their applications online at or call the FEMA Helpline, 800-621-3362, as soon as receive their insurance settlement. If you received a letter from FEMA saying you were not eligible for assistance, one reason may be that you had not yet received an insurance settlement and it could not be factored into your application. ..More.


    Mayor Amato would like all residents who are still struggling after Superstorm Sandy to know that there are still resources out there that can help. -- As the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, some New Jersey survivors who didn't apply for federal disaster assistance may now need help. While the deadline to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency has passed, assistance may still be available from voluntary organizations through NJ 2-1-1. ....More

    Disaster Legal Response Program: Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, is providing direct legal assistance to the victims of Super Storm Sandy. Volunteer attorneys provide limited legal assistance and advice to all storm survivors. Case descriptions for clients requiring additional legal assistance and who meet VLJ's financial eligibility guidelines are sent to volunteer attorneys via a weekly case list email. The most commonly encountered legal issues include insurance, FEMA, landlord tenant and contractor issues. Please call VLJ's toll free disaster hotline at (855) 301-2525.

    Preliminary FEMA Maps RELEASED Mayor Amato has learned the Preliminary FEMA Maps have been released. "The original ABFE maps released in December had nearly 40% of the homes in the maritime area in the Velosity "V- Zones". The Preliminary BFE maps released today, have removed that designation. Berkeley homes are no longer in the dreaded "V" Zone and some height elevations have also been reduced. Were very pleased these Preliminary Maps appear to have taken into consideration our argument." Mayor Amato said. " We will be meeting with our professional staff to review thoroughly and add comments to the process as needed. My letter and Council's Resolution: ....RESOLUTION - PROCLAIMING ITS ADOPTION OF THE ADVISORY BASE FLOOD ELEVATIONS UNDER EXTREME PROTEST to FEMA was pretty clear in pointing out the flaws in the ABFE's. This is good news for our residents and Township. The rebuilding process for many can now commence knowing now what the future holds." Mayor Amato said. "The Mayor and Council will re-focus our efforts to the repeal or modification of the Biggert- Waters flood insurance rate act." Mayor Amato concluded.
  • Base Flood Elevation(BFE) Address Lookup Tool
  • Fema Interactive Map of the Jersey Shore, Type your adddress in the upper right hand corner
  • FLOOD INSURANCE AND MITIGATION HELPLINE Mayor Amato would like residents to know if you have questions about the National Flood Insurance Program and mitigation techniques, FEMA has set up a helpline to call to get the most up-to-date information. The number is 1-877-287-9804 for people who need information about flood insurance, the latest ....More

  • FEMA Base Flood Elevation Mapping InformationFEMA has posted the proposed new Flood Elevation maps with tools to see what your area is classified as. Click here for The Web page
  • Advisory Base Flood Elevations - NJ and NY Frequently asked Questions Click Here for the Info
  • Changes in the Flood Insurance Program Preliminary Considerations for Rebuilding Click Here for the Info
  • Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program Click Here for the Info
  • GAP FUNDING INITIATIVE GRANT 09-19-14 Mayor Amato would like residents to know that the Gap Funding Initiative (GFI) has revised its program guidelines. All applications received on or after Monday, August 11, 2014 will be processed under the revised program guidelines outlined on the link to the website below. To be considered under the revised program guidelines, please apply to GFI using the revised GFI application available here……
  • Click here for the application and more information

    To accommodate rebuilding efforts and provide guidance in those areas where customers may have to raise their homes up in compliance with the new FEMA standards, Jersey Central Power & Light ( JCP&L ) wants to make customers aware of potential clearance and access issues that should be discussed in advance of rebuilding.

    Issues have arisen with encroachments on the clearances between electric power lines and buildings and in some cases, could result in serious safety concerns, risk of property damage, injury or death. The intent of this letter is to raise awareness of these issues and to proactively review your plans before you commence your construction project or rebuilding efforts.

    To make application to JCP&L please call our 800 # ( 1-800-662-3115 ). When your application is received, a Layout Technician will be assigned to your project.

  • ....Click Here For the Full Details
  • Electrical Inspections -Meter Resets

    As we enter 2014, JCP&L is anticipating a higher volume of customers looking to restore their services. JCP&L has additional resources in our Berkeley Operation Center dedicated to reconnect services. Over the past few weeks we have received a high volume of inspections throughout the Sandy Related areas. Earlier in the year I worked with our Director of Operations to provide those community's our time frame for restoring service.

    Attached is the link detailing our construction time frame:

  • Information on Sandy-Related Repairs, Demolitions and Home Elevations
  • Meter Reset

    If your home's electrical system was damaged and the required work has been completed, please contact your municipality to schedule an electrical inspection (an inspection is required before service can be restored). They will send confirmation of the inspection to JCP&L. • If there is no additional work required, your meter will be set in 3-5 days. • In cases where a new service line needs to be run to your home or other construction is required, please allow at least 10 - 15 working days. Here is the link where customer can check to see if we received their inspection:
  • Click Here to check on your inspection
  • "ReNew Jersey Stronger" Housing Recovery Center

    Mayor Amato is pleased to announce that The Christie Administration today announced that a "reNew Jersey Stronger" Housing Recovery Center will open in Lakewood. Eligible homeowners whose primary residences were damaged or destroyed by the storm can visit the Housing Recovery Center to apply in-person for grants designed to encourage them to resettle in their homes and help them repair, elevate or rebuild their residences. For more information on the "reNew Jersey Stronger" initiative, including details about the application process, determination of eligibility, and award calculation, visit
  • or call the hotline number 1-855-SANDYHM (1-855-726-3946).

    The Ocean County Housing Recovery Center that will open is located at: 750 Vassar Avenue, Lakewood, NJ.

    Homeowners Struggling with Mortgage Payments..... Mayor Amato is pleased to Announce the Christie Administration's Assistance for Homeowners Struggling with Mortgage PaymentsNew Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to Host Free Outreach Events for Homeowners at Risk of Foreclosure TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Richard E. Constable, III today announced that the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) will receive $197,802 from the federal Making Home Affordable ....More

    New Jersey' Clean Energy Program - Energy Incentives Mayor Amato would like to remind residents of the New Jersey' Clean Energy Program's enhanced incentives for High Efficiency Appliances for Storm Victims. Berkeley Township is designated as a "major" damaged area impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Because of this designation, Berkeley residents may be eligible for enhanced incentives on high efficiency equipment/appliances. ...More

    Ocean County’s Long Term Recovery Group

    Mayor Amato urges residents who are still financially struggling from Superstorm Sandy to reach out to Ocean County’s Long Term Recovery Group. Ocean County’s Long Term Recovery Group finds its mission in its name: we’re here to assist you for the long-term. Take a moment to ask yourself these questions and then we invite you to reach out to us today.
  • ...More Information
  • Homes For All, Inc. has grant funds available for re-building. Contact 732-286-7929. ....Click Here for More Information

    New Jersey Natural Gas Update regarding Demolishing or Raising Your Post-Sandy Home
  • NJNG website update
  • WIND DAMAGE LETTER: To facilitate the claims process, Mayor Amato has provided a letter for homeowners who are having problems with their Homeowners Insurance Company regarding wind damage. In addition the OEM Coordinator for Seaside Park has provided us with a letter stating an actual wind gust of 97 mph

    ....Wind Damage letter

    ....Seaside Park Memo measuring wind Gust of 97 mph

    FEMA HAzard Mitigation Seminar -Watch the Recording. Mayor Amato has made available the recordings for the two informational seminars.


  • Click Here for the FACT SHEET

    NJDEP BLUE ACRES PROGRAM: The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is accepting applications from residents located in flood prone areas that wish to sell their properties through its Blue Acres Program. People who are eligible for blue acres are those that have been damaged by or prone to incurring damage caused by storms or related storm flooding or that may buffer or protect other lands from such damages. Acquired properties are permanently deed restricted as open space in accordance with the NJDEP statutes and are made open to the public. If you wish to participate or apply for this program, the application can be found at: Blue Acres Application

    NJDEP Blue Acres Info Page

  • NJ Dept of Community Affairs rebuilding restoration guidelines for Sandy Victims NJ DCA Division of Codes Webpage
  • Evacuation Letter for Homeowners in South Seaside Park. Homeowners who own property in South Seaside Park whose Insurance Companies need more than the Governor's Executive Order to prove they are not allowed to live in their homes at this time. ....Click Here to print the Letter
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