Elder Fraud :  Don't Fall Victim to a Scam!!

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The primary focus of the Senior Fraud Task Force is to conduct criminal investigations into allegations of financial crimes against the senior citizens of Ocean County. It assists local law enforcement agencies in this specialized area and works with state and federal agencies to further its goal. Given that criminals seek to prey on seniors, we work closely with regulatory agencies such as the Division of Consumer Affairs and Adult Protective Services in an effort to ensure that the senior citizens of Ocean County are protected against emerging fraud scams. The Task Force has investigated crimes involving various forms of theft, forgery, healthcare claim fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, endangering the welfare of an incompetent, neglect of the elderly and disabled, as well as more violent offenses against the elderly including assault, robbery and burglary.

Members of the Task Force regularly conduct presentations on fraud scams and current trends. If you would like to report a fraud or to schedule a presentation, please contact Sergeant Raymond Gardner at (732) 929-2027, extension 3908.